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Check Clearing

Since its creation, the aim of Presto Financial Services has been to allow foreign Money Service Businesses to transact far beyond US borders in a stable, transparent and compliant manner ... experience international check clearing

Stable Banking

Presto Financial Services was established to provide stable banking services to foreign MSB's, Financial Institutions, and Credit Unions interested in clearing US dollar denominated checks, drawn on US banks ... discover the value of stable banking


What is the deadline for "next day" availability?

Currently, checks delivered before 9:30pm ET are made available the following morning by ... get answers to questions in our FAQ area

Getting Started Is Easy

Presto Financial Services provides foreign MSBs, Financial Institutions, and Credit Unions a highly effective, expeditious, and secure mechanism for clearing U.S. checks, resulting in greater control and increased profitability. We provide redundant layers of AML/BSA and U.S. Patriot Act compliance on all data flowing through our systems, helping to ensure our clients a sustainable clearing channel. Since 2007, Presto Financial Services has been committed to exceeding State and Federal AML/BSA regulatory requirements while providing the highest levels of customer service in the Financial Service Industry.